About us

Every story starts with an idea.
Ours simply began with our love and passion for creativity.

Alan & Mandy’s Story

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Our story began with our love of photography and make-up. Like many entrepreneurs, we stepped away from corporate employment to devote ourselves to our visionary artistry, setting up our own business: Pixel Roses.

Harnessing our love for creativity, we began providing weekend photoshoots and private make-up. We soon found clients seeking us out, drawn to our growing reputation for delivering a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable experience with amazing images.

Together, we have found a way to truly showcase our ability to capture personalities and make each individual look and feel unique.

If looking good is revenge, then looking immaculate is absolution.
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Pixel Roses is our creative studio in Dubai where we will capture your unique and stunning personality with remarkable artistry and quality in a fun, friendly and pleasurable way.

Our Core Values

Capturing Personalities

We don’t just take pictures, we create them. Everyone is unique and we make sure that your marvellous self always shines through as we capture your vibrant personality in its true form.

Fun & Friendliness

We strive to make having your photograph taken a comfortable and rewarding experience, and something you should celebrate. We provide a fun environment for our extraordinary clients while making them feel emotionally uplifted.

Extraordinary Artistry

Our passion and creativity knows no bounds when it comes to showcasing you and/or your brand. Through expertise in makeup and photography, your visage becomes art.

About Alan & Mandy

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Hi! I’m Alan. My passion for creativity stems from when I was at school and my father told me I had to follow sciences as these subjects would lead to a better future.

Well, it took me a while to get there, but look at me now, Dad! I picked up the camera after a long and successful sales career in the tech industry that gave me the freedom to explore new horizons, and haven’t looked back since.

Powered by my vision and extensive experience of working with thriving corporates, influential business owners and growing startups, I understood the true importance of capturing personalities on camera and have made it my mission to ensure that no entrepreneur or business owner should have a bad photograph!

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Hello! I’m Mandy. I am a certified makeup artist based in Dubai, originally from South Africa. I have vast experience in all aspects of beauty makeup.

Be it fashion, editorial, advertising, or lifestyle makeup. Having a deep knowledge of makeup has allowed me to be a very versatile beauty professional, and I can adapt my skills to every kind of photo shoot and make each individual look stunning.

As well as being a creative makeup artist, I also direct all operations at Pixel Roses with expert professionalism. My goal is to ensure your comfort, liberation and marvelous look that you want for your photo shoot.

Together, our creativity and passion for extraordinary artistry
ensures that we capture your vibrant personality in images you’ll be proud of.

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