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Modern Corporate Headshots & Profile Images

Capturing Your Personality

Your corporate photoshoot should be modern, recent and show the very best of you and your business.

Professional profile pictures can take your brand to the next level. We don't just take pictures, we capture personalities.

Having a corporate headshot taken, should be a FUN experience, even if the thought of being in front of a camera terrifies you!

Our clients tell us  that the way we connect and have fun in the studio is something that they've not experienced elsewhere. For myself and Mandy at Pixel Roses in Dubai, we know that it helps us achieve great business profile images, not just 'OK' ones! It's why we get so many repeat customers and referrals.

We'll soon have you forgetting that the camera is even there. And you'll be going "Wow, I love it" as you see the progress on screen.

If it's your first professional photoshoot, you're probably not what to do, how to stand, even whether to smile. Don't give it a second thought. We'll guide you all the way to find the VERY BEST YOU.

Were experienced perfectionists, so we know when we're getting great shots. And we know what to look for to lift a profile image from ordinary to extraordinary.

"A top photography firm operating in Dubai, offering a high quality service for a reasonable price, excellent value for money and much fun during the shoot. Would highly recommend Alan and Mandy, what a team."

Lee Sandwith, Dubai

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