We make no apologies for putting this one at the top of the list… Life’s too short to not have fun, so whatever your motivation for booking a photoshoot with us, we cannot underestimate the importance of making sure that you enjoy the end to end process - whether that’s the run up to the photoshoot, the event itself, or even reviewing, choosing and receiving your images afterwards. Working with Pixel Roses should be a positive and uplifting experience, not only resulting in great images but also providing many happy memories. Memories that stay with you for years to come.

If you read our testimonials, one theme that comes across is how much everyone has enjoyed the experience. In fact, we’ve had clients coming back repeatedly they’ve enjoyed it so much!


Portfolio Review and Package Choice

At Pixel Roses we recognise the need for a personalised service. We therefore welcome the opportunity to meet face to face with our customers prior to the photoshoot. This gives both you and us an opportunity to get to know each other, and to start to plan the photoshoot itself, from the makeup - where needed - to the type of images that you should expect (dependent upon your chosen package). Whilst this means an up-front investment in time for both of us, we find that it really helps us on the day of the photoshoot as the ice is already broken, and some of the details that make a real difference are pre-planned and prepared in advance. The atmosphere during the photoshoot is thus more relaxed and the experience much more enjoyable.


Have you thought about what you’d like to wear during the photoshoot, and is this a good excuse to go shopping?For certain photoshoot packages we can offer a personalised shopping experience to help you choose clothing items for the photoshoot. Contact us for more information.

We are developing a series of Style Sheets that you can use to guide you on what to bring. These are tailored to the choice of package. For individual photoshoots for example, we recommend bringing three or four outfits – some of which can be mix-and-match. You may also have a personal item that has significance to you that you wish to bring and include in some of your photographs. This could be a prop or jewellery such as sunglasses, a necklace, or a specific item of clothing such as a shirt. For sports shoots we recommend bringing something that you’d normally exercise in. Trainers are optional. We are building up our own catalogue of props that you can choose from and we can discuss these in the pre-meet. We do however recommend that you bring something that’s personal to you to include.

Incidentally, don’t forget to remove labels from new garments as it can sometimes be hard to remove them in post-processing. Plus you may not want your significant other to know how much you’ve spent! Note that designer labels may be OK depending upon where they’re positioned and what you are looking for, of course! However, washing instructions are not a good idea!

We have some clients that have indulged in “pampering” sessions prior to the photoshoot. Having manicures and pedicures, for instance. We also know some models that have worked out prior to their sports and fitness shoot. In either instance the choice is down to you as we know you’ll want to look your best on the day.


Whilst we at Pixel Roses have developed our own makeup and photographic style, we do try and be flexible and like to try new ideas. For many of our customers it is the first time that they’ve had their photograph taken by someone other than themselves, family or friends. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good selfie. However, we know that you’re looking for something different otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!

If that’s you that we’re talking about above, we recommend that in the run up to the photoshoot you invest some time in some personal research… Browse the web, social media (e.g. FaceBook®, Instagram®, Pinterest® etc.) or online and offline magazines for images that you like. We’re more than happy to discussyour findings and to consider incorporating some of the poses and ideas into the photoshoot.


Many of our customers know a good selfie pose when they see one. However, they’ve never had the experience of someone else taking their picture and asking them to move and pose in a certain way. This is where our experience and professionalism comes in.Afterall, that’s what you’re paying us for!Our role is to help you relax, and also to guide you in how to pose – in everything from standing or sitting upright, to hand placement, to facial expression.Mandy has experience of modelling herself so as well as providing makeup services, she brings her knowledge and ideas to the photoshoots. This is a big differentiator for Pixel Roses, one that really helps us to coax the best from our clients.

We do have some “go to” poses that we know work for each package, and we normally aim to incorporate these; adapting them slightly (if required) to fit each individual or group. That said, where possible we also like to capture some casual, less contrived moments. These can represent some of our best work as they’re very natural. This works particularly well for family photos as despite our customers’ best parenting efforts, we find that young children have a tendency to play about a bit, and forget the camera is there.


We will have agreed the date and time of the photoshoot beforehand, including whether a makeup service is required. We’ll also give you an indication of how long the shoot will take based upon your choice of package. This can range from one to several hours, so please aim to arrive at the appointed time so that we can make the most of the opportunity together.

The first order of the day is to arrive and to settle in over a cup of tea, coffee, or just plain water! We don’t normally recommend consuming alcohol (even for Dutch courage) prior to the shoot – particularly if you’ll be wearing high heels! We’ll then have a catch up and discuss any of the research that you’ve undertaken as well as answering any additional questions that you may have. We also like to review the clothing choices you’ve made and agree the initial outfit you’ll change into for the first photos.

The next step, dependent upon package choice, is for some Pixel Roses pampering as we do your makeup and hair. Then it’s into the photoshoot proper.

One thing that we do like to do during the photoshoot is to show you some of the images on a monitor. This has two purposes, namely:

1. To give you confidence in how you look.

2. It allows us to guide you during posing – the nuances of lifting a chin, bending an arm or leg, arching your back, hand positioning, capturing light and shadow, and so on. It’s much easier to understand our guidance if we can show you the difference that subtle changes can make.

At the end of the photoshoot we then like to have a quick run through of the images with you. Which leads us on to…


We recognise that there are different views on this: should we process an image using tools such as Photoshop® or not? Processing can include a variety of techniques and procedures from simply cropping an image, to removing a scar or tan lines as well as skin smoothing. It’s also where creative effects can be applied. That said, we also believe that less is more when it comes to post-processing and we aim to get the original image as close to perfect as possible.

This is where personal service and on-going communication really helps. At Pixel Roses we want the client to be happy with their image portfolio. Afterall, we want you to come back for more and to recommend us to your friends.


You have a variety of options depending upon your photoshoot package, the occasion, the type and style of images and so on. Options range from a simple USB drive with the edited images, right through to high quality professionally printed albums and wall art (aluminium or canvas prints) in a variety of sizes and styles; and anything in between. It is part of the service that we offer at Pixel Roses, and some of these elements can be included within our tailored service. Hence it is important that we understand your requirements and can present a range of options to you based upon our experience.

Note that we will only give you the very best images. Ones that we know you will love. It’s not just about you, it’s about us too as we regard our makeup and photography as art forms and therefore want to make sure that it is the best we can do. The reality is that it can take a few attempts to capture that art from a photography perspective. There is also no doubt that whatever you use at home or post on social media reflects upon Pixel Roses as much as it does upon you and we want you to be very proud of how you look.