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How does it work?

At Pixel Roses we use our creativity, photography, editing skills and a bit of magic to capture your imagination and tell your story.
For those choosing one of our pre-designed scenes, such as the magic carpet example above, we take a variety of images in our studio located in JVC, Dubai. The lighting, poses and any props are setup for each scene and we guide you and/or your family during the session.
The key is to have fun and to act the part required - whether that's riding a magic carpet, being chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex or riding a slide with an elephant. Young children and Dads are especially good at the acting part, and the whole experience makes it a fun activity for all the family!
Photoshoot (and acting session) over, we review the photos and choose the one that will be used to create the final image. 
Then follows the magic where we edit everything together to make you look as if you were really in the scene. 

Be part of the magic