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An image of a boy riding a magic carpet in the desert with Dubai in the background


Say a huge "HELLO" to Your Imagination & Creativity

A Themed Photo Story by Pixel Roses is unlike anything you've experienced before. You will go on a journey of discovery that will have you saying:
   "That was such an amazing and fun thing to do together";

   "It helped us to reconnect as a family";
   "It was a brilliant experience seeing our sons being inspired, and      bringing out a creative side we'd not seen before"

   "This image tells such a terrific story it's taking pride of place on      our wall".
Seeing the smiles and hearing testimonials such as these is why we do what we do!

How Does It Work?

We work with you to unleash your creativity and imagination, add some story telling, photography skills, a sprinkling of fairy dust and some amazing editing skills to create a unique work of art in which (you or your family) are the main characters. We know the Photo Story will trigger happy thoughts of your experience every time you see it on your wall.

The telling of your Photo Story starts with a fun and creative experience at our studio in JVC, Dubai. The lighting is set up for the chosen scene, and we hold your hand through the process to get the right results. As we tap into your creativity and imagination ideas will start to flow, and the session will become very interactive with lots of laughing and playing. 

We will ask you act a part - whether that's riding a magic carpet, being chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex or sitting in a plane flying through a barn. Young children (and especially dad's), are great at the acting part. And the whole experience makes it a fun activity for all the family!

Photoshoot (and acting) session over, we review the photos and choose the one(s) that will be used to in the final image. 
Then follows the behind the scenes magic where we edit everything together into your very own Photo Story.

Be part of the magic