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A great headshot tells a story.
It exudes confidence, credibility and approachability, and tells the viewer that you take pride in yourself and your appearance. 

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Discover the Pixel Roses Difference: Authenticity in Every Headshot

Are you tired of traditional photography studios that leave you with forced smiles, awkward poses, and lacklustre results? At Pixel Roses, we understand the typical challenges people encounter and have made it our mission to transform your photography experience.


Say "NO" to Fake Smiles

One common issue we've all faced is being asked to smile on command. The result is expressions that feel disingenuous and fake. Your clients can spot it a mile away, and so can you. That's why we won't ask you to smile. Instead we'll help you relax and have fun, so that your smiles come naturally, and unforced. You'll look and feel like your true self in every shot.


Say "YES" to Posing and Facial Expression Guidance

Traditional studios often fall short when it comes to guiding you through posing and expression. You're left feeling unsure and out of control, resulting in photos that don't capture your true essence. Why pay for an expert if they're not going to be responsible for one of the most crucial aspects of a photoshoot: the GENUINE YOU!
Enter our famed Facial Expression Coaching. We won't leave you to your own devices and it's our responsibility to ensure you'll leave our studio with images that you'll love.


Say "NO" to Inauthentic Images that Lack Personality:

There's nothing worse than images that don't reflect the real you. A lack of confidence in your eyes, vacant expressions, and overall inauthenticity can damage your personal or professional brand.
We capture your genuine self – smiles that reach your eyes and expressions that exude confidence, approachability and authenticity.


Say "YES" to a Better Customer Experience:

Higher prices should come with a luxurious experience, right? Unfortunately, many studios fail to deliver, leaving you feeling like just another client. We believe you should be treated like royalty from start to finish. 
At Pixel Roses we don't just take photos; we create a personalized, luxurious experience from the moment you contact us. You're the most important thing in our studio.


Say "NO" to Missing Details:

What about guidance on clothing, branding, or how to utilize your images? These finer details can take your experience to the next level but are often lacking. 
At Pixel Roses we discuss your brand, your expectations, and aspirations. We can also talk mood boards including clothing ideas, how you'll be using the images, what's important to you as a look and feel and the image you want to portray. We also have a variety of Photoshoot Preparation Guides to help you arrive ready and feeling on top of the world.


Say "NO" to Time Pressure

Unlike many studios, we don't rush our work or impose time constraints that put pressure on you to get it right first time. We know that for some time is short. However, when it comes to crafting and creating the right images we work as a team to ensure you will maximise your time and investment with us. 


Say "YES" to Top Quality:

There's no excuse for receiving subpar images. Poor lighting, the wrong expressions, and no help in addressing personal concerns during the photoshoot or the post shoot editing.
When you invest in Pixel Roses you know exactly what you're going to get. Whether that's for headshots, profile images, or something creative. The images that you see here are all our work and we have the experience to deliver time and time again.


Say "YES" to a Fun Experience:

The experience should be enjoyable, not scary. If you're standing in front of the camera with a scared expression and no coaching, that's a problem, and it's our job to fix that. 

Some of our best customers are those that have had a bad experience elsewhere. Once we coach you and help you to overcome that hurdle you won't believe how positive you'll feel and the results we'll be able to create together.


Say "NO" to a Lack of Connection:

Building rapport and helping clients to feel special is a lost art to many studios, but not to us. A disconnected photographer can leave you feeling uncomfortable and detached and result in images in which you look like you're out to lunch. A photoshoot is all about you, not us. We'll soon have you talking about yourself and forgetting that the camera is even there. 


Say "YES" to Customer Service Par Excellence

At Pixel Roses we're known for the little details that others often overlook. It's these that can elevate your experience, like grooming kits, lint rollers, ironing and steaming clothes, or makeup artists that are experienced in photoshoots and the impact of studio lights and how they wash out colours, for instance.

You will leave our studio feeling good about yourself and knowing that you were in safe hands.

At Pixel Roses, we're dedicated to helping you reveal your authentic self. Discover the Pixel Roses difference today and leave behind the challenges of traditional studios. Your unique journey to self-confidence and approachability begins here.

Experience Creativity and Artistry at Pixel Roses:
Your Story, Our Lens

Welcome to Pixel Roses. A Dubai-based Boutique Photo Studio, founded by Mandy (makeup artist) and Alan (photographer).

In an era where cameras are everywhere, some called us crazy for opening our own photography studio. However, we saw that most digital images are merely "snaps". Proof that you were there, but soon forgotten. We watched as many photographers fell into the trap of snap-taking, forgetting that people still craved the creativity, artistic flair, and technical expertise of a professional photographer for capturing personalities and to create truly special moments. That is where we saw our opportunity. As image-makers and creative artists, we shine brightly amongst a sea of "faux-tographers." Coming to Pixel Roses is an experience that you will treasure, whatever your photography needs. 

If you're considering working with us, we know that you don't want snaps, you want artistry, creativity and photographs that leave a lasting impression. Images that tell your unique story in a way that words (and snaps) cannot. We're thrilled to embark on this creative journey with you, bringing your vision to life and crafting memories you'll cherish forever.

At our studio, we go beyond mere picture-taking. Each photograph is artfully crafted. It's an opportunity to tell your story, capturing the defining moments and emotions that make you who you are. We're passionate about our craft, equipped with the skills, experience and creativity to transform every shot into a work of art that beautifully reflects your individuality.

Step into our studio and prepare for an exceptional photography experience that surpasses your expectations. We'll capture you in breathtaking works of art that will be a topic of conversation and treasured heirloom for years to come.

An image of Alan & Mandy the Co-Founders of Pixel Roses


Tina C.

"I'm so blown away by the photos that were taken by the dynamic duo, Mandy and Alan at Pixel Roses. I barely recognise the person in them!

Makeup was done by Mandy and was not only perfectly matching, it was a spa treatment. Alan worked the camera and lighting. Together both Mandy and Alan made me feel at ease, we had so much fun taking the photos. This is not just point and click - its art, and the technique and skills they put into their work shows in the beautiful photos they create.

Thank you Mandy & Alan for such a great afternoon and these stunning images."


before & after transformations

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A headshot of a Pixel Roses female client with blonde hair and a red dress.


An example of a personal branding image of a male client in branded T-Shirt


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Image of a Pixel Roses client in a modelling pose as part of a glamour shoot


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A sensual image of a lady in a night shirt posing at some curtains with a black cat watching


Creative image of a female dancer in a dress made of water


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the process

Picture of a coffee machine with coffee being dispensed into two coffee cups.


Image of a woman  selecting an outfit from her wardrobe in preparation for a photoshoot


Mandy doing makeup on a client at our studio


A behind the scenes image of Michelle in the Pixel Roses studio


A framed image of a Pixel Roses client shown as wall art


Whatever your photographic needs we start by meeting our clients for coffee, or over Zoom. This gives us a chance to get to know each other and ensures you are comfortable before we get anywhere near a camera.  We’ll talk about how you like to be photographed, the style of images you’re looking for, your personal brand and where you’ll be using them. We’ll put a plan together so that we deliver an unforgettable photography experience down to the smallest detail.

About a week before your session, we will discuss the photoshoot and talk about wardrobe ideas, the makeup process, the photoshoot sets we might do and so on. We’ll also discuss some image ideas and looks too and may ask you to do some research for images and ideas that you really like. Every step is designed to make the experience as special as it can be for you.

You’ll be coming to our studio ready to be pampered. Feedback about Mandy’s makeup sessions are that they feel like you’re at a spa. We highly recommend you plan a night out with your significant other or BFF as you’ll be looking and feeling gorgeous!

FUN is our watch word, and probably near the top of the list clients use to describe a photoshoot experience with Pixel Roses.
We’ll be holding your hand every step of the process. You may forget that the camera is even there! Whether it’s your first studio shoot and you don’t know how to pose, or even if your experienced, and just need a bit of help with your facial expression, you’ll be in safe hands. We’ll be coaching yo to images in which you not only look fantastic, you’ll look confident, filled with vitality and approachable, like you were born to be in front of a camera.

For the Portrait & Glamour Makeover and Boudoir & Fine Art photoshoots you will come back to the studio where we’ll show you your most beautiful fully edited portraits, and this is when you can decide upon the images that you wish to purchase. You will only invest in those photographs that your truly love.
Of course, my aim is to take the most amazing portraits that you have ever seen of yourself so that you want them all. So I’ll apologise in advance!

let's work together 


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